There’s really no room in entrepreneurship for Technophobia. Even worse, projecting your own fear or lack of confidence onto your employees or co-workers imprisons them.

Today, so many people suffer from a kind of Psychological Transference — “a reproduction of emotions relating to repressed experiences.” Regrettably, our experiences with badly designed software and hardware in the past have set us up for this. But entrepreneurs today owe it to themselves to get over it.

We have at our disposal some of the most approachable technology in our history. iPad, iPhone, and Mac have revolutionized the experience for users. Never before have we had more power and capability literally at our fingertips, and never before has it been so easy.

Crucial to success however is embracing the right attitude, and putting in an honest effort. With services such as Apple’s One To One, or any of the fantastic electronic learning tools available online now such as, or iTunes U, any entrepreneur can step up to the plate.

With a little effort, powerful business tools like LightSpeed, Daylite, and DropBox deliver beautiful experiences on gorgeous devices. Mac, iPad, and iPhone are like magic for entrepreneurs, helping them to make more money, be more efficient, and have more fun doing the things that make their business run.

My job is to help you choose and implement these new technologies. If you think “you’re not a technology person”, the good news is you don’t have to be. AND, you might have a lot of fun.