Dear neighbour and friend,

You may be newer to this place than me. You may have been here long before me. You may worship, or not. You may wear clothing that’s different from mine. Maybe you listen to music that I can’t make sense of. Or perhaps you prefer to drive slower than me. Or eat things I can’t identify.

I may not know much about you, or what you’ve been through. I might have traditions that seem peculiar to you. We may sound different from each other. Our fortunes, or misfortunes, may have been very different. Your life may have been ordinary, or a genuine odyssey. Your sheer existence may be a miracle, or something more humble.

We are in this together. I will look out for you. Our combined experiences can make us better together. We share not only a desire for happiness, but also DNA.

Will you look out for me? Can we share our Canadian experience? Can we build a future of joy, compassion, and kindness together?