Does this sound like you?

Your company that has what seems like hundreds of hoops to jump through – from compliance certificates, to safety, to job planning, job costing, scheduling and tracking.  You purchase product that needs to be attributed correctly to jobs and you need the profitability on a job…now!  Further, you want to know that the quotes you are sending, the people you are scheduling and the hours you are booking will allow your company to survive and thrive in this competitive economy!

I know this is the tip of the ice berg for many out there!  I have heard people in your type of business say that with all the balls in the air right now it is clear that some are going to drop – the key is to ensure that the ones that drop aren’t devastating to your business!  Wow!

So what if a product like Workflow Max could help you achieve the following?

  • you generate a quote and send it to your client who has the ability to approve it on the fly – immediately!
  • you are able to pull together all project data and send an invoice to clients in record time!
  • your quoting system allows you to see what you will make on a project so you can plan with the desired margin in mind – (customizable, control mark-up percentages) – further, you can see the status on your quotes at any point in time and be confident that your risk of undercharging for a job is significantly reduced!
  • your time spent and that of your team integrates seamlessly into your Xero accounting software
  • your company dashboard gives you
    • an overview of the jobs for the week
    • due dates on current jobs
    • jobs overdue
    • percentage of completion on jobs
  • your job costing functionality tracks all expenses for a job, ties it to profitability and provides you with a complete picture from all facets of the each job

So let’s add a little more…

  • Custom fields allow you to do a variety of things from viewing specific clients on credit, to forecasting revenue and predicting lead times to revenue, to the tracking of anniversaries and birthdays of your clients – adding that personal touch that business publications suggest is making all the difference with your clients
  • Ability to sync files between your desktop and your other devices; take photos and upload them from your phone; share files no matter the size
  • For your document management:  25 Gb free storage; Dropbox – sync files across multiple devices; Google Drive; Box – document management system; choose from additional add-ons that will increase the capabilities and flexibility even further

Wait!  We’re not done yet!

  • separate out items in a PO across multiple jobs
  • enter your PO once and only once and have it stay consistent, not only in WorkflowMax, but Xero as well, your cloud-based accounting system
  • your supplier invoices are pushed seamlessly into Xero from WorkflowMax updating your numbers each evening
  • your job costing accuracy just improved, even through supplier cost changes
  • WorkflowMax’s wildly flexible reporting and easy steps allow you to determine the profitability of each client – giving you valuable information that will drive how you develop estimates for future business and ongoing profitability

Check out WorkflowMax and view the intro video here, then give us a shout and let us know how we can build a similar success story for you: